Friday, August 26, 2016

TGIF! First Week Of School, In The Books!

Another great day of school. Not much to say about it, sorry! Take care! Peace and love!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Another Day In The Books.

Today was the third day of school. I really enjoyed today, I'm thinking this is gonna be a great year in school! This year I'm going to keep my head up and stay strong and positive! And again, no headache so that's also really good! Tomorrow's Friday!! WOO HOOO!! And on Saturday, I'm going to spectate the preseason volleyball tournament from about 9-4pm Central Time. It will be a blast so I cannot wait! Take care all!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First Day of School, Completed.

Well today, (8/23/16), was my first day of my Sophomore year. For the first time our school had a 'Best First Day of School Extravaganza!' I would agree with the title, since it was a pretty good day. Although, I ended up with a terrible headache all day long. I would have enjoyed my day a whole lot more if I didn't have that darn headache. The activities included in the 'Best First Day of School Extravaganza!' are as follows, Soccer Ball Relay, Beach Ball Relay, Pudding Pictionary, Frozen Marbles, and a few other games that I can't recall the names of at the time. That lasted from about the end of 1st hr. til the end of lunch. Then we had 20 minutes in each of our classes, so we could get the hang of the class and so on. Hopefully tomorrow I do NOT have a headache. That blasted headache ruined my day.

Second Day, Complete.

Today went a whole lot better for me at school. Didn't have a headache big or small! One thing I do NOT like about school this year is that the four common core classes are all together at the end of the day. Meaning the last four periods of the day are the common core classes. It will be rough but I will manage to get through it I suppose. Take care!

Monday, August 22, 2016


Hello all, thank you for checking out my blog!! I'm hoping to use this blog to blog about how my day has gone at school and to maybe say a few jokes, just for the giggles! I might even consider doing daily jokes. Bible Verse of the day. Kind of a Misc. blog. Hope you enjoy!